Our Success Stories.

Here’s just a few stories from those we have helped bring love, healing connection, and empowering communication back into their relationships.

I think my new brain connections from the program have worked out really well. We often comment to each other that something has shifted in our relationship and we both feel a greater calmness and centeredness that helps us be able to talk about anything. This all happened so naturally and I don’t make a conscious effort to be anybody else than myself. I am so happy with this new version of myself and our relationship that is continually emerging. At a recent family gathering I noticed those conversations and interactions were easy and peaceful. Cheers to the work we did together. It was very fruitful.

With deep gratitude,


You’re such a light everywhere you go! And you’ve truly been a light in my life. My heart feels so grateful for the impact you have had in my life. 

You are a truth speaker (in love)! coming from a caring heart of gold Your perceptiveness runs deep and you see the best in people…thank you. Also, so often the laughter and joy you bring to a room…no matter what’s going on you bring light! That does not go unnoticed. You do light things up with your warmth and endless thoughtfulness.


The world is a better place because you’re here, And I am so deeply grateful for the life long impact you have made in my heart and life. 


Clay and Sonja are amazing. They specialize in meeting a person’s needs where they are. They have been a God send and I highly recommend them.

Cecily and Thomas

We reference the new tool box we have weekly. Thank you, Clay and Sonja, for helping build our dream relationship

Dillon and Becky

I highly recommend this program. Practicing the dialogues is improving the way I communicate with my partner. We now have effective tools to deal with anything that comes up.


We have learned so much from Sonja and Clay and are so grateful. We now communicate better, we understand each other more, we work as a team and not as enemies, and our love for each other is continuing to grow daily. We get excited with each encounter because we know we are going to leave with some new information. The information that we learn really impacts our marriage in a powerful way! Clay and Sonja have a genuine love to help other couples to have a happy marriage. The love they have for each other shines though every time. They also challenge us and are not afraid to ask the tough questions. The tough questions they ask will truly bless your marriage in the long run. We are so grateful for them and are so blessed.

Lisa and Jacob