Welcome to a Journal for Gratitude. The next 30 days have the power to change your life.This journal will offer guidance and structure to change the way you see your life. If you are ready to open yourself up to the process, be ready for miracles to occur.Each page provides thought-provoking, yet simple to follow prompts for a fantastically enriching way to cultivate a sense of gratitude. Instead of lines, there are boxes to record words, drawings, doodles or even paste from an outside source.The process is simple but the results are sensational. By utilizing the powerful combination of words and art, your creative expressions will instantly gain a significance that allows you to take your feelings of gratitude to new levels.You’ll also be reawakening your creativity and your playful sense of artful experimentation, as you work with the inspiring prompts on each page. As you become aware of the wonderful blessings around you, you are attracting more of the same to you.It only takes a few minutes a day, but the quality time you spend with your imagination and spirit will go a very long way. Make this year unlike any other by inaugurating this new tradition.You can make life more meaningful than ever and this journal can help you do it.

A Journal for Gratitude

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