It's Almost Christmas.

Are you ready for Christmas? How do you answer this question? Does it make you feel panic and wonder, Am I Ready? What does it mean to be ready?

For some it means all the shopping done, all the cooking is done, house spotless and immaculately decorated. For some, this is exciting and fulfilling and for others a great opportunity to feel like we are behind and always coming up short.

As we roll into the holiday season, I’ve been thinking a lot about tradition and the role it can and does play in our lives. For me, I love any excuse to celebrate, to make special, to add meaning. There have been seasons though where I have felt the need to measure up to others or society's expectations of what I should be doing or how I should be doing it. Spending all day cooking does not do it for me. But I love to work together with others in creating a meal.

How about you? It is easy to feel at any time but especially at the holidays like work imposed on us by outside forces.

It’s the expectations of spouses and children and extended family.

It’s spending a lot of money.

It’s eating other people’s food.

It’s finding a place to go.

It’s reminders that you don’t have family, or don’t have family that loves you, or that you love.

It’s reminders that you haven’t seen your friends in months (or years).

It’s reminders that you have nowhere to go.

And all of that or more? Not a life you want to live. So many shoulds!!

Let's Change It!!

You can honor yourself and honor others choices too. That is all it is about.

Seasons of life change. Every year is different.

Look and plan for what is going to work Now!

Do you want to decorate in October or on Dec 24th or not all?.


Do you want to eat no sugar and gluten-free because that is best for your body?


It's ok to make your holiday your own. Think about how to make it special and meaningful! Create your own rituals and do something that has meaning for YOU and your family/friends/pets instead.

If you have a spouse and kids then honor their wishes to the extent that you want to and allow them to participate in making the things happen their way. If they want pie, they can learn to fix it. If they want decorations, let them do it. It is not your job to make everyone happy.

What do you do that’s special for you during this time? And how can you reach out with compassion to those who don’t feel the same way? How can you honor both your own traditions and those of your family, friends, and neighbors?

I love to hear how everyone makes their lives amazing and a celebration of their unique gifts and life seasons!

Let me know how this is working for you!

Sonja (for Clay and Sonja)


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