Safe Conversations

Talking is among the most dangerous things people do! And listening is the most infrequent.

Many things we face in life can lead to a lack of safety in conversations or make thriving relationships very difficult. Safe Conversation helps replace fragmented communication with a deeper connection, creating a safe, more relational atmosphere where everyone has the potential to thrive. Safe Conversations® Workshops teach skills that help people connect.

A Safe conversation is a conversation that is safe and free of negativity. It is a conversation where the space between the two of you is sacred and a place to connect and appreciate each other's differences.

Safe Conversations is a structured way to make that happen. Quite honestly it's wonderful. In the 35 years, we have worked with couples I have never used a more effective yet simple tool to help couples in their relationship. It has TRANSFORMED Sonja and my relationship as well. Even better this tool can be used in any setting and in any relationship.

The steps are fairly simple, but when put together they create an amazing way to transform relationships.

For Example:

The first step is to make an appointment with whomever you are wanting to have a conversation with. We use a sentence stem that says "Is it a good time to talk about a __________ (whatever you want to talk about) It is ESSENTIAL to make sure you tell the person what you want to talk about. If you just say something like "We need to talk", the person receiving will feel anxiety because they don't know the topic. Once they feel anxiety the brain chemical cortisol will release into their system and from the very beginning, it will not feel safe. Asking for an appointment is a great way to honor boundaries and create an atmosphere of honor for both parties.