Love is truly the answer.

Today I took a step back to look at the crazy world and society we are living in today. Never before have I seen people more divided and filled with hurt, anger and anxiety. It makes my heart sad.

But I ask, Is there a solution and how do I respond? The answer is simple and yet very profound. It is to live in LOVE.

Personally, I am a Christ follower. As such scripture teaches me that not only do I not have the right to hold an offense and join in on the nonsense. Moreover, Christ loves and died for all, even those who might not believe in him or make choices that might not bless or even hurt themselves. His love in unconditional. Therefore I don't have the right to respond to anyone in a hateful way, even if they don't look like me or vote like me (2 Corinthians 5:14-18). My job is to LOVE.

When I respond in the opposite spirit and love, hearts, attitudes and lives are changed.

Quantum physics shows us that when we love from the heart, it puts out an energy field that impacts every atom and molecule that makes up every person, animal, nature and the world around us. It's been said that love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is true.

SO how about you and I? Will we exercise the power of love to change our society and world? It's your choice. Let LOVE reign in your heart.


Clay and Sonja