Let's give change a little compassion!

Hi. Sonja here

Do you ever just sit back and reflect on the twists and turns of life and how you ended up where you are? There are those tiny moments and those really big life changes that created the path of your journey making it unique to you.The beginning of the year had many voices encouraging me to reflect back on the past decade and honestly, I just couldn’t do it. The past decade was one of so many adjustments and changes. Lately, though, I have had some pull to look at where I have come from and how particularly have led me to where I am today, here, with you!!We have some big exciting changes peeking over the horizon this coming year at Heartlife Coaching. As with most projects, not all our plans have gone as anticipated. There have been setbacks and readjustments along the way. This has gotten me to thinking how the twists and turns in life journeys can lead us to the most interesting places. Change is inevitable in life- everything changes- people, dreams, perspectives. These changes can be exciting and adventuresome, like a new baby or a marriage or new career. They can also be challenging like a move or a loss.What I’m saying is that life can hand out some pretty big surprises that make planning and budgeting pretty tricky. These decisive moments can make our whole view change color.

Things like:

End of life care for both our moms

Last child graduating from high school and adjusting to this new reality

Clays Adrenal Failure and Sonja’s diabetes

It is normal to waste our energy trying to deny or resist those surprises because they feel like threats to our hard-won plans. Our brains go off on high alert reminding us that this is unfamiliar territory and creating panic. Sometimes these hard, scary times can allow us to grow and bring us to a new place of peace along our path.What would happen if in remembering those moments where you’ve felt like screaming “But that’s not the way I planned it!”, you asked yourself some different questions?

  1. How have those big changes in your life led you closer to your purpose? 

  2.  In what ways have you grown by working through changes or obstacles that blew your careful plans clear off track?

When I talk about life handing out surprises, I get it.  We never want to suffer an injury, or lose a job, or say goodbye to a loved one.  But these kinds of big, pivotal changes are undeniably a part of our human experience.And when that “awful thing” happens, we can learn a LOT about ourselves.  I did, and I’m SO grateful. Why? Because I know who I am, and I’m here, with you, today.

So, knowing that change is inevitable…...that money gets lost,...relationships change,...friends say goodbye...What can you learn about yourself and your purpose as you navigate the changes in your life?  How will you take what you learn and use it to create something beautiful?Often, having access to the right tools can make a world of difference in our ability to learn and grow through change. 

One of my biggest privileges is living in MY( and Clay's as well) purpose: to create more peace in the world by supporting others’ peaceful growth. We consider it a privilege to support, encourage and create a safe space for you to discover and experience new tools for creating joy and freedom in all the twists and turns of your life journey. Thank you for this opportunity!!

Blessings Await,

Sonja (for Clay and Sonja


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