How to Create Greater Connection with Your Kids

We've all had big emotions during the situation this past year. So much uncertainty and change have put me over the edge more than once. My heart goes out to the parents, and the kids with increased big emotions and challenging behaviors during the pandemic. Kids’ negative behaviors are creating overwhelm and frustration for parents. Parents who are often juggling work, home life, and in many cases, online learning. It leaves them scratching their heads and wondering why these new behaviors are happening. Many parents have been searching for answers on how to avoid or resolve these challenges. Helping our kids learn how to express their emotions and share what is going on can be tricky. Having Safe Conversations is a way to speak without criticism and listen without judgment creating safety in a relationship. The key is the ability to fully engage in conversations that are safe and that get results important to everyone. Achieving results while at the same time making relationships stronger. At a Safe Conversations Workshop we offer you science-based practical steps to stay connected even when it feels impossible.

The benefits of connection help children feel connected to their parents, which in turn allows them to focus on other activities and people around them. These connections are invaluable investments of time because they strengthen and deepen the parent-child relationship. Here for You, Clay and Sonja

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Join us for our Parents Workshop April 17th, from 9am - 1pm The workshop will be focusing on parenting, and how to increase the safety of communication with our kids of all ages. You can attend with your child over 16, with your spouse or a friend.