How precious is your time?

Usually, we budget our money, knowing we have choices and need to balance out our spending to achieve our goals. We often forget to do the same with our time.

While we feel rushed and like there is never enough time, we do not take the power over our time to manage and budget. Ignoring our needs to focus on our physical or mental health or our relationships seems okay until we have a crisis arises and then we have to spend a lot of time getting this area back to a functioning level. I had frequently taken my health for granted and just did what needed to be done while not working out or sleeping right. Yes, it was a health crisis that made me take the time needed to care for my body- joining a gym and making myself go to bed at 10. I learned I didn't have time to not do this and be sick.

It is the same way with relationships. We can make everything else a priority and neglect those that are closest to us. But it is easy to lose connection and closeness when we don't nurture each other.


  • Keep a schedule of your time for a week of how you actually spend your time.

  • Notice how much time you spend in your work, relationships, self-care, etc.

  • Do you notice any unbalance here?

  • Ask yourself- How would it serve my life to spend more time in this neglected area and what is it costing me to not be doing it?

  • What is one small step you can make toward balancing this out? (Start with slow consistent small steps and create new habits)

  • One date night a week or month? Walk the dog each evening when you get home?

I would love to hear ideas of what you come up with!!



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