Happy Easter!

These last few days have been a celebration of Jesus love for us and through his sacrifice making all things new.

It's a great time to reset our lives and remember no matter where we are in life today we can stop, refocus and make new decisions that create a new energy and can create a new life. Our creator gives all amazing personal power. The question is will we exercise that power. Are you needing a re-set in your life? How about starting today?

What's wrong is always available and so is what's right. What will you choose to focus on today and this week? It's your choice. In weeks to come, I will send you more ideas on how to do a reset.

I've been very grateful to have such a supportive audience and community, and over the years I've had the privilege to work with many of you solving issues from relationships, to emotional mastery to purpose and beyond.

And lately, I've been thinking I would like to give something back, as a thank you for you being with me on this journey.

SO I'm offering a limited number of free 25 minute coaching calls over the next two weeks to anyone who wants one. Getting on the phone or Skype with me usually costs $100, and my clients have seen amazing results areas like relationships, career, emotions, purpose, health (brain health), spirituality etc. I would like to offer you this opportunity completely free to talk through and find a solution to one issue that would make a difference in your life if you could make a shift.

These calls will be short and powerful, and I'll do my best to help you. And I promise I'm not trying to sell anything on these calls.

Email me at Heartlifecoachingdfw@aol.com and claim your spot.