From Heartbreak to Healing - An inspiring story

Harry and Sherry had been married for 30 years and raised three children. It had been a turbulent go of it as each had brought many wounds from their childhood into the relationship. Those wounds manifested themselves into a porn addiction, co-dependency, and a parallel relationship where they became great “roommates”. The pain of their pasts continued to rise, resulting in constantly hurting each other. Nothing in their relationship was safe, connecting, or loving.

Finally, it all became too much. Sherry filed for and finalized a divorce. Despite being divorced they lived by each other and had regular contact.

With great awareness of their painful pasts, they each began to seek counseling. For many months they worked on their issues.

Months later, during a conversation over coffee, the idea emerged (they believe with a nudge for the Holy Spirit) that perhaps in this new place of healing they might try and see if they were able to restore their relationship together.

They connected with us. We began a process of handing them new relational tools, accountability, and support. To their credit, Harry and Sherry worked tirelessly using them. Then they came to our Safe Conversations workshop where they learned to talk without criticism, listen without judgment and connect beyond their differences. Don’t get me wrong this was not easy and it was challenging work, but their relationship was transformed.

The last week in December they called me and asked if I would remarry them. So on a cold day, Sonja and I along with the two of them went to the top of Mount Hope outside of Dallas, which overlooks Eagle Mountain Lake.

What a joy! It was a great confirmation of our divine calling to do this work helping to restore relationships, whether with our on-line course, Safe Conversation workshops, a subscription support group or any couple to change their relationship. Often times we go through life and experience little struggles that we never address until they become BIG struggles.

DON"T WAIT AND GO IT ALONE. Let us help you find solutions and support even if you are going from good to better.

Here For You,

Clay and Sonja