A transformative and educational course designed to help you connect, communicate and comprehend the money strains in your relationship.

Now more than ever before, people are struggling to make ends meet. Debt is increasing, paychecks are small or non-existent and is creating conflict and arguments and disconnection in relationships.

You will be receive  research-based tools, skills and awareness that can transform your mindset towards money stressors—resulting in a release of money  down a path towards a heart-focused connection.
Exercises and practical processes that will help you turn the negative situations money can create around, resulting in heart-centered outcomes and next steps in resolving the issues at hand.

   Practical steps, guidelines, and exercises
•    An exploration of your own personal relationship with money
•    Learn how to discuss your viewpoints without starting a fight
•    What to do when financial strains enters your relationship 
•    Stop old patterns and create new healthy, heart focused habits

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Money means different things to different people. Your mindset about money is the root of all money disagreements in your relationship.
Most of the time arguments about money aren’t really about the money itself.  We all have a hidden ‘money persona’ our beliefs towards money stemmed from past experiences which influence our view of finances today.  
Once you are aware of them, your path to money freedom will be well-defined and decisions can be made with clarity. 

Find out your money mindset and get started on your PATH TO MONEY FREEDOM