Make Joy an
Everyday Thing.

Remember when life was easier?
Can you recall when each day was fresh and full of possibilities?

Some of us have to dig really deep to remember those days.
The days before obligations, debts, and the drudgery of everyday life killed out enthusiasm. Sadly, much of the world has set aside their enthusiasm for dependability and a sense of responsibility to things that don’t bring them much joy.


This 30-day journey is designed to revive your enthusiasm and help make joy an everyday thing again.

Enthusiasm is more than having something fun to look forward to marked on a calendar. Of course, an annual vacation is something to be excited about, but enthusiasm should also include your approach to everyday life.


A great cup of coffee is something to get excited about, plus you can get equally excited about having an attitude of gratitude or fostering someone else’s enthusiasm too.

This 30-day journey will include an e-book with worksheets as well as emails every day guiding you with daily action steps designed to help you:
  • Let go of the things causing you pain

  • Revive and Remember what brings you joy

  • Discover new outlets for joyfulness

  • Overcome the roadblocks that kill your enthusiasm

  • Foster enthusiasm in those you love

  • Be a part of a closed Facebook group to share your struggles, celebrate your success and get your questions answered


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