Join a community that will forever change the way you look at yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

Discover how to foster connection rather than polarization with

the tools from HeartLife Connections Community.

An online membership that provides continuous support and skills to couples seeking to create a healthy and thriving marriage. Connect with other couples and learn how others overcome their issues and are now in a thriving relationship.

Go deep into what works, receive tools to make it happen with consistent action and results.

All this in a fun and engaging community!

Are those difficult life conversations resulting in days of silence, feeling misunderstood and drained?

Do you find you, or your partner, can’t talk about ANYTHING without feeling polarized and unsafe?

You are not alone.
It is easy to think that your relationship problems are somehow different and unique, but you are not alone. Millions of couples experience these same issues that repeat over and over and escalate…unless you break old habits.
Discover your BEST-SELF!

HeartLife Connections is not just a membership, this is an investment into your relationship that will directly improve your communication skills, intimacy and deeper connection.


Receive online courses, coaching, support, and guidance  from Clay and Sonja Arnold. Clay is a seasoned Life Coach, and together with Sonja, they are relationship experts and Master Leaders for Safe Conversations.

A guaranteed success rate for couples who are dedicated, and bring with them desire, belief, courage and the patience to see through to a DREAM relationship.

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The HeartLife Connections Community and content are adaptive and inclusive to all couples, at any stage in their relationship. Discover how to break old habits that misconstrued communication and learn how to relate more to each other by understanding each other’s viewpoint on everything…even who takes out the garbage.

Along your journey of courses, live Facebook webinars and member connections, you will receive regular email communication and the opportunity to ask questions on anything you have learned. .

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HeartLife Fundamentals

Everything listed in Free Trail membership PLUS:

  • A 3-month online learning journey that lays the foundation in building your Dream Relationship.  Each month unlocks courses that include coaching videos from Clay and Sonja with detailed homework, practical exercises and HeartLife coaching guidance.

  • Receive support and encouragement throughout your course completion.

  • As you learn you will be invited to 3x monthly live group discussions with Clay & Sonja and other members of the HeartLife Community. Connecting with other couples, sharing experiences and further connecting in the community.

Clay and Sonja Arnold, seasoned relationship coaches, will gently lead and guide you through membership  with humor and creativity. This includes video lessons, live zoom calls, quizes and additional handouts. They will also be available in a private facebook group to ask and answer questions and provide additional insights and motivation and support.

The first month we will look at Where Did All the Passion Go?". You  will learn how the body quits producing most of the chemicals that made infatuation such a high. You will explore what happened to those intense emotions and how you can keep that fire going in your relationship.

Then we will move into "The Power of Communication" is all about instilling good communication habits to encourage reflective listening. After all, we can't read minds, so it's important to understand the four ways to communicate and the differences in communication styles.

With a clear understanding of communication, we move to Handling Disagreements and this section will prepare you to cope with the challenges that every relationship inevitably encounters. It covers topics such as handling anger, overcoming fear, and dealing with mind "games".

Understanding boundaries and how to deal with the outside world and how it affects your relationship is addressed in "Your Space - My Space - Our Space" you will learn about the different needs people have for personal space. This module will cover topics such as: outside friendships, blended and extended families, and more.

In  "Sex and Sexuality" and you will learn about the difference between sex and sexuality, why sex drives differ, tips on what turns each other on, as well as some fun sex games. You will also learn some tips on how to handle physical intimacy when sexual intercourse isn’t possible.

We will spend some extra time on finances, budgeting and how to communicate clearly and without stress in “Money and Work”

Closing the year we will have fun with Evaluation and Planning for the future.

As a couple you will establish your goals and intentions for your dream relationship. Clay and Sonja will supportively guide you with nurturing touch points throughout your journey and supportive accountability to make sure you meet your goals. 

Connect with Clay, Sonja and other couples monthly through a closed online webinar.

Each month explore different topics/themes: Job Stress, Super Connecting Sex, Time and Priorities, Finances, and more.


I've already taken the Safe Conversations workshop, is there more?

Yes! This membership complements our workshops wonderfully!

The course builds from the Safe Conversations tools, we go deeper and practice your new skillsets on various dialogue exercises with topics ranging from boundaries to sex.


What is Safe Conversations?

Safe Conversations is co-created by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelley Hunt, a researched based process designed to bring the skills of listening, validating and empathizing into every relationship and conversations.It teaches you how to talk without criticism, listen without judgment and connect beyond differences.

When faced with chronic stress and conflict we can then implement these tools to drop our defenses and create a safe environment. Creating a safe space allows us to engage in trusting conversations with an ability to problem solve and create genuine relational connection. 



What if we get confused with the course or struggle with the homework?

We are here for you throughout the course. We will have live monthly Zoom meetings via a closed Facebook group. Access to this group will happen when you become a HeartLife Connections Member.

In a safe and non-judgmental space, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, share insights with other couples and connect with the group which leads to further success in your journey.


How much homework will there be?

Homework varies but we recommend that you set aside two to three hours per week for the duration of a 3-month course. Homework for the monthly membership varies with each couple, but we promise it will be fun, light and easy to adapt to any lifestyle.


Are there payment plans?

Yes! Our membership is a monthly fee that can be cancelled at anytime. There are payment plans for all courses. The HeartLife Connections Community is inclusive and will work with your budget needs.

Start your HeartLife Connections Journey!