Couple by a River

Emotional Connection for Amazing Sex 

Whether your sex life is good or non-existent, you CAN connect and make it amazing!
Discover ways to connect and communicate that leads to having a great sex life.

In this FREE 1-HR Webinar, Clay and Sonja will provide tools, techniques and personal wisdom that is guaranteed to rock your partner's world.

  • Practical and easy exercises that work!

  • How to accept and love your body as it is and why this is important

  • Respecting and honoring our own desires and our partners

  • Why pleasure is such a powerful connector – foreplay happens all day

  • Loving your body, loving your partner’s body

  • Understanding how the physical and the emotional parts are connected 

Couple's Feet in Bed
Couple's Embrace

Discover how to have an amazing sex life!

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