I'm Sonja... 

At the heart of me is fun, without a doubt, fun, spirit, joy and connection.


People often remark on my natural ability to make serious things fun and doable and I model my marriage and coaching the same way.


My soul tank is refueled when I experience breakthroughs in others, as well as in myself, celebrating those wonderful moments of vulnerable awakenings with others is my true purpose.


I have a background in Elementary Education, received my Master Life Coach Certification from Life Coaching Institute and I am a Master Trainer for Safe Conversations.


I’m not coaching, you’ll find me in nature 4- wheeling, hiking, anything with water- boating, swimming, or sitting in quiet contemplation by a fire with a cup of coffee and a good book.


Connecting in conversations is where I thrive, as well in worship, either alone or with others.


Let's connect!



I'm Clay...

At the heart of me is compassion and joy in life.

My experiences as a pastor and a deputy sheriff  are foundational to who I am as a person and to my coaching success.


I have received training and certification through Tony Robbins, Life Coaching Institute and as a Brain Health Coach through Amen University/ Amen Clinics.

My Passions include Relational coaching, Managing your emotions, brain health and career guidance.

As a coach I bring a well- balanced expertise with kindness and accountability to help others to feel comfortable and empowered to make the quality changes in their lives .

As a Master Trainer with Safe Conversations Sonja and I have trained hundreds of people to talk without criticism , listen without judgement and connect beyond differences.

I refuel my soul tank by walking with others to obtain freedom and wholeness. From drilling a water well or building a home in a third world country to coaching a couple in their dream relationship, helping others is my purpose and passion.  If I could, I would rescue every dog who needs a home. I love to recharge in nature with prayer and spend many hours laughing with my 4 amazing adult children, my 3 grandchildren and my best friend Sonja.

Let's ConnectI 

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