Meet Clay & Sonja

We’ve been coaching 20 years and married 41. 


But it hasn't always been easy.


We have lived through twists and turns in our journey, but consciously decided to work together to design our path the way we want it.


Our paths together started as high school sweethearts. Our youthful dreams did not include life and relationship coaching, facilitation of communication trainings, or supporting community development. 

Life has led us down this path for a reason. We both have a passion for helping others and connecting to our community.


We’ve been coaching since 1992, we have the ability to journey with you through life transitions with compassion, understanding, and empathy.  This approach will help move you forward on the path to your desired destination.


Let us show you how.


We coach together and separately, guiding you in-person near Dallas Texas or over the phone wherever you are.

We live life with connection, wonder, joy

and full of aliveness.


I'm Sonja... 


At the heart of me is fun, without a doubt, fun, spirit, joy and connection.


People often remark on my natural ability to make serious things fun and doable and I model my marriage and coaching the same way.


My soul tank is refueled when I experience breakthroughs in others, as well as in myself, celebrating those wonderful moments of vulnerable awakenings with others is my true purpose.


I have a background in Elementary Education, received my Master Life Coach Certification from Life Coaching Institute and I am a Master Trainer for Safe Conversations.


I’m not coaching, you’ll find me in nature 4- wheeling, hiking, anything with water- boating, swimming, or sitting in quiet contemplation by a fire with a cup of coffee and a good book.


Connecting in conversations is where I thrive, as well in worship, either alone or with others.


Let's connect!



She talks....

he listens.

I'm Clay...

At the heart of me is compassion and joy in life.

My experiences as a pastor and a deputy sheriff  are foundational to who I am as a person and to my coaching success.


I have received training and certification through Tony Robbins, Life Coaching Institute and as a Brain Health Coach through Amen University/ Amen Clinics.

My Passions include Relational coaching, Managing your emotions, brain health and career guidance.

As a coach I bring a well- balanced expertise with kindness and accountability to help others to feel comfortable and empowered to make the quality changes in their lives .

As a Master Trainer with Safe Conversations Sonja and I have trained hundreds of people to talk without criticism , listen without judgement and connect beyond differences.

I refuel my soul tank by walking with others to obtain freedom and wholeness. From drilling a water well or building a home in a third world country to coaching a couple in their dream relationship, helping others is my purpose and passion.  If I could, I would rescue every dog who needs a home. I love to recharge in nature with prayer and spend many hours laughing with my 4 amazing adult children, my 3 grandchildren and my best friend Sonja.

Let's ConnectI 

Clay photo.jpg

He talks....

she listens more.



Our Integral Approach

Our 15+ years of experience helping over 1000 clients with successful and proven tools to change lives.
In our 36 years together, we know marriage provides the most excitement and the most challenge -- often at the same time.
We do love a challenge!
Using the new advances in relationship technology we love to provide couples  the tools to achieve the marriage of their dreams. We work with couples individually and through a Safe Conversations Workshop.
We have a passion to walk with people and help them create the life they really want. Our desire is to help you have peace with the past, power in the present and passion for the future.
Our approach integrates all aspects of your life, from home life to career life. We will help you develop a clear plan for each relationship and goal, in order to find clarity and solutions which will relieve that stress that often robs us of our joy and self-direction. 
Heart Life Coaching will help you unite all fractured pieces of your dream path and empower you to be your unique self both personally and professionally.